High-Barrier Medical Grade Surgical Face Mask

Not all masks are the same. They may look the same, but the protection level of each mask depends on how it was produced and from what materials.

The Super Safe SN98 masks masks produced by Impertech are high barrier masks designed not only for general populations but also for medical staff working with high-risk patients. They are ideal for protection against all types of airborne particles and viruses, including procedures that involve high levels of spraying and sprinkling.

The Super Safe SN98 3-ply masks are designed for daily protection and maximum comfort, and are manufactured according to ASTM Level 1 and Israeli Health Ministry performance requirements.



How do our masks keep you safe?

How to wear a medical mask safely

The mask should be worn with the colored part facing out and the hard part facing up

    1. Hold the elastic bands and position them comfortably behind your ears.

    2. Holding the mask with both hands, place the nose strip under your eyes and above the bridge of your nose, and the lower edge below your chin.

    3. Release the mask and make sure that your nose and mouth areas are completely covered.


Important: To remove the mask, detach from both ears without touching the front part of the mask with your hands, and dispose safely.