Prime Minister of Israel, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu wearing the SN98 face mask

Hillel Gozlan, Head of CBRN and Personal Protection at Impertech Safety, has sold the SN98 premium face masks to the Prime Minister’s Office for Memorial Day and Independence Day events.

As can be seen in the picture, the Prime Minister of Israel, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife, and senior members of the Prime Minister’s Office staff are wearing this mask.


The Super Safe SN98 Disposable Protective Face Masks, are Breathable 3 Ply Masks. Specially produced for older adults which require extra level of protection and respiratory ease. The SN98 masks provide protection against PM2.5 Dust, Pollen, Virus, and Haze-Proof and Filter Efficiency of ≥98%. These masks are specially adapted for facial skin and are authorized with ISO 10 – 10993 compatibility, Sensitization Skin & Irritation Certification.




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