Oxygen Cocentrator 10 Liter

Medical Oxygen Machine 10L

Technical parameters:

  • Model number: SZ-T
  • Max.Flow: 10L/min
  • Oxygen density: 93+3°/4 Running Noise:<58dB(A) Dimension: 470x285x556mm
  • Power consumption:<700VA
  • N.W: 27kgs
  • Continuous Working Time: 24 hours


  • Adopts American PSA technology, use Physical method to separate pure oxygen from air;
  • Advanced oil-free compressor, save 10% power energy;
  • 24 hours continuous working available, 10,000 hours working time warranty;
  • Eight years of experience and technology make sure the stable and reliable quality;
תמונה למחולל חמצן 10 ליטר


  • To strengthen the heart, reducing the risk of heart attacks
  • To detoxify the blood, Raise the energy level
  • To improve strength & build endurance
  • To revitalize the skin
  • To prevent disease, relieve hangovers
  • To help fight off depression
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