Member of Knesset Zvi Hauser, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs and Security Committee had visited the Supergum Company today

Towards the end of February, a tour was held by the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs and Security Committee, Knesset Member Zvi Hauser.

The chairman of the committee toured Supergum company’s strategic production lines and was exposed to the multitude of technologies and products manufactured under one roof. As is well known, Supergum is a major supplier of the Ministry of Defense in Israel and the IDF, with regard to the supply of CBRN equipment and respiratory protection.

During the visit, the delegation got an overview of how the security equipment produced by the company is developed and of a mask production line that has been operating 24 hours since it was established in the outbreak of the covid-19 in March 2020.

We will be happy to host anyone who is interested in the activity of the “Supergum” company.

Mr. Yaniv Hadad, CEO of Supergum, led the tour which ended in the surgical masks production hall in which has been operating day and night since the eruption of the corona, in order to be able to supply the need of the local market in the current Covid-19 period.

Deputy Speaker of the Knesset, MK Moshe Arbel, says during his visit: “Supergum’s activity is an anchor for the national interest of the State of Israel in particular at this time. During the pandemic, the State of Israel must rely on local production of face masks as well as other PPE equipment and not rely on the Chinese suppliers whose reliability and quality of production is questionable.”

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