Excellence Awards Ceremony of 2020 at the Supergum Group

Twice a year, Supergum holds a ceremony to commend the Outstanding Employees of the Supergum Group.

“We are proud to present the final list of outstanding employees for 2021; Excellence Awards contest is an opportunity to express the management’s appreciation for the exceptional contributions made by these outstanding employees,” said the CEO of the Supergum group Mr. Yaniv Hadad, at the ceremony. “Excellence is a way of life; it is a constant pursuit of dedication and commitment,” said Haddad.

“Selecting five employees from so many employees was no easy task,” said Ayala Fischer, the company’s Human Resources Manager, who moderated the event. ” Your win indicates the way you have chosen to do the expected to fulfill the role,” she said and introduced the winners.
Below is a list of the employees who won the title of “Outstanding Employee” for 2020.

Yelena Smoilov – from the Quality Assurance Department
Yelena is experienced and hardworking. Her work is always high quality, and she can handle complex tasks. But most of all, Yelena cares about work. The success of Supergum is crucial to her personally, and she works hard to provide the best solution to any problem.

Rina Rosenblit – from the Accounting Department
Rina is an accountant in the Finance Department who is ready to help at any time. Rina combines her extensive professional knowledge and experience with high personal responsibility to the organization. Rina works in full cooperation with all departments with professionalism, courtesy, speed, and always with a smile.


Salem Kholiv – from the CBRN Department.


Salem Kholiv is always ready to answer any request and help every department at every moment. When he passes by, one can frequently hear: “Salem, can you please … Salem can you please  … Salem …”

Salem is the right-hand man of Nissim – Director of the CBRN Department. Salem accurately and professionally accompanies all internal inspections performed by the company’s large customers and, in particular, the Ministry of Defense. Salem also assists and initiates changes to promote and improve department performance.



Hayata Katzul – from the Rubber Department
Hayata was awarded the Excellence Award as a sign of appreciation for professional excellence, accountability, caring, good interpersonal skills, and a significant contribution to the Rubber Department and the Supergum Group.


Jihad Salameh – from the Marlog Department.
Jihad has a high work ethic, is ambitious, responsible. He performs his work with great dedication and professionalism, does not shy away from any task, big or small. He performs impeccably, taking care to fulfill the instructions perfectly, with great skill, and to the best of his ability.

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